In 1992 a new name appeared on the Romanian men suit market: Adalin. The project was founded by a team gifted with ingeniosity, creativity, qualified personnel and experience in the field, attributes which were reflected in products’ quality. Adalin invented a suit in which it combined the novelty with the classic elegance, the result being appreciated by the customers.

During almost two decades of activity, the Adalin brand was deeply marked by the achieved experience, its creations becoming indispensible articles for the contemporary man, whatever his style is (elegant, original, practical or sophisticated). Adalin’s collections present a reinvented men suit, bringing a plus of elegance and style on the autochthonous market.


„Adalin” was fated to represent the quality and the good taste. The proof stands right on its name’s etymology, came from the ancient Greek, where “adal” meant “noble”. Guiding itself after the value given by its name, the Adalin suite impresses by the sophisticated aspect and the impeccable quality.

Adalin brand addresses the man who cares about his personal image; its creations means to stress not only the physical, but also the personality of the one who wears them. Adalin’s collections are meant to satisfy the authenticity seeker kind of client. Each suit has its own personality and this think can be remarked from the first moment. Adalin suits are the best solution for a man who wants a stylish, pleasant image.